Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop, hosted by BookHounds.

A slightly early “Happy Easter” to those of you that celebrate Easter. This is one of those years when Easter and Passover actually do coincide, so this is also a slightly early Happy Passover.

Easter weekend is also one of those days that marks an unofficial start of Spring, particularly for those who are in more northerly climes. By this time in Chicago, the flowers are out and the weather is warm. It’s also the point where the longer days really start to kick in.

In Anchorage, April is either “Breakup” or “Mud Season”, if not both. Breakup because the frozen waterways literally break up. And it’s very, very muddy.

In Atlanta, we had a very rainy weekend. After all, April Showers are another hallmark of the season.

I’m sure this wasn’t the first time, but we noticed that there are pre-colored Easter eggs available in the grocery store. This just feels like cheating to me. Even my mom helped me color Easter eggs, in spite of Easter not being our holiday! What is the world coming to? LOLOLOL

In closing, my annual peek into the strange phenomenon that is Peeps!

Jurassic Peeps!

Just in case you want to read a good book with your Peeps, take a chance in the Rafflecopter for your choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository.

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143 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Giveaway Hop

  1. Peeps are the only marshmallow candy my kids don’t care for at all. Some people love them, some not so much.

  2. Peeps are nasty! Can’t stand the flavor. Though I do have a stuffed animal peep which I love!


  3. When in doubt as to why the Peeps are there, explain that it’s art– but add something a little esoteric and useless to it. Your delivery is key: you must be rather serious and a bit hushed.

    “It’s an art installation. I dunno… My TA told us to do something on temporality or something. I’m not done yet, though… NO– don’t touch it. …Don’t touch it.”

    “It’s op-art.”
    *long, blank stare*

    “It’s a think piece. That coffeehouse down on Fullerton is hosting an exhibit for the ‘holiday..'” *dramatic use of air quotes*

    “Jesus, I thought that you of all people would get it.”
    *scoff; walk away in disgust*

  4. Peeps are food! Well, if they’re flavored ones, that is haha. Otherwise, decoration!

  5. Peeps are over-priced colored marshmallows coated in sugar. Not a fan of peeps except microwaving them!

  6. Peeps are marshmallow candy. I like them better stale. I know its weird but they are so good that way.

  7. Haha. Peeps are both disgusting and glorious at the same time. I used to look forward to having them show up at Easter, and they were especially good when the outside got slightly crunchy, but the inside still soft.
    ( Haven’t had one in eons since they’re not vegetarian.)

    Speaking of Jurassic Peeps, the Washington Post used to have an annual Peeps diorama contest. People were so creative and it was great. Sadly, it got cancelled after a decade. (It moved to a smaller local paper, but not the same.)

  8. Peeps are yucky Easter treats for my eldest son ;), and only him. The rest of us hate them.

  9. “What ARE Peeps anyway? Are they food? A toy? An abomination? Tell us!” Peeps are an important addition to any diet of Moon Pies and Cream Soda.

  10. Peeps are loved by all children and many grown-ups. Most everyone loves marshmallows in some form!!

  11. Food AND toy…but to one babysitter AGES ago, they were a microwaveable TIME BOMB! Seriously…I TOLD her not to microwave it, but I was little so what did I know. 😉

  12. Peeps are food…colored sugar coated marshmallows shaped like chicks. In more recent years there have been different shapes available of the Peeps but the most common are the chicks and the most common color is yellow.

  13. Peeps are marshmallow candy shaped like bunnies or chicks; I don’t care for them myself

  14. Peeps are a candy, but not a very good one. The best way I’ve ever had Peeps……Peeps S’mores!

  15. Peeps are a decoration. Something I buy every year for a basket and the kids eat one, put the rest in a baggie and they eventually go in the trash.

  16. Definitely an abomination! I have never liked them, they actually make me cringe!

  17. I love marshmallows, but Peeps are not my favorites because of that weird consistency – almost crunchy due to that weird sugar coating.

  18. I’ve made a few peanut butter and peeps sandwiches in my lifetime, so they’re food, of sorts 😉

  19. I’ve never had a peep, I’ve always thought they were sort of a marshmallow type of substance.

  20. They are definitely toys, as evidenced by your pictures 🙂 And while you can, technically, eat them, I’m not sure I’d call them food 🙂

  21. Peeps are yummy sugary marshmallows that get even better after being out a little bit

  22. To me, Peeps are the worst. In fact, the ridiculous flavors are out of control.

  23. I don’t like PEEPS! Peeps are just a bunch of sugar, so sweet my teeth hurt just looking at them. That said, I love your Jurassic Park Peeps…that’s great!

  24. Peeps are shaped marshmallows. They come in different colors but to me they all taste the same. I’m not a big fan.

  25. A decoration. They aren’t really edible, but they are super cute to decorate various dessert items with lol

  26. I actually like PEEPS and enjoy a few during Easter and Christmas. Thanks.

  27. Peeps are technically food, but they have no nutritious value and are better suited as characters in dioramas.

  28. I always thought Peeps were little marshmallow chicks. Some would say they are your fan club. 🙂

  29. I think they are cute, but horribly gross tasting. lol My hubby likes them though.

  30. I think I’m the only person that I know in my life that actually ever ate them. I seen them used a lot in decorations.

  31. A Peep is a cloud of sweetness that goes in your mouth, you can share if you want but you don’t have to hehehe 🙂

  32. They are an abomination! YUCK.
    My MIL actually likes them, but only when they get a little stale and hard. DOUBLE YUCK.

  33. Peeps are the sounds my new chicks made. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, Y’all.

  34. First time I’ve seen OR heard about those! but I’m leaning towards abomination, that color alone…

  35. I think Peeps are actually a misunderstood alien life form. Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  36. They taste very sweet – like blown sugar – they are good – sampled the pancakes and syrup – strange to be having a marshmellow consistency with something I really like (pancakes and syrup). Not a fan, but when in Rome….

  37. peeps are gross. I wouldnt eat them. some do my mom likes them. I tried once and wouldnt eat again.

  38. Peeps are kind of cute but not great tasting. I prefer regular marshmallows over Peeps.

  39. Even though it’s an unpopular opinion and I’m not supposed to eat them being on a healthy eating plan I think they are one of the most delicious marshmallow candies ever!

  40. My family likes them. I only like them because they are part of the family tradition. I prefer marshmallows.

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