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Fall is finally Fell here in Atlanta, so it’s actually beginning to feel like it’s time for Halloween and all things pumpkin.

But about those trick-or-treaters…

This time last year, we were looking towards our first Halloween in a new house, and had no idea how many trick-or-treaters would be coming to our door. The neighbors gave estimates of anywhere from less than 30 to a couple hundred – which is a pretty broad range to work with!

It turned out to be closer to 30 – if that. We live in a cul-de-sac, and, apparently, the local custom is to drive kids to the houses. Cul-de-sacs aren’t popular under those conditions.

We were fortunate – VERY – that the neighborhood took up a collection of leftover Halloween candy to give away elsewhere. We really didn’t care where elsewhere was, as long as it was away from us – but I know it went somewhere charitable I just don’t remember where. Now that neither of us works in an actual office, we didn’t have a “work crowd” to absorb the excess – of which there was a lot.

This year we’ll get treats for 30 and turn off the lights in front IF we run out. Unless conditions have changed a LOT from one year to the next, we don’t expect to.

What about where you are? Do you get lots of trick or treaters? Or just a trickle? Answer in the rafflecopter for your chance at either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository!

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175 thoughts on “Howl-O-Ween Giveaway Hop

  1. My neighborhood is very popular for trickortreaters, but we’re on a culdesac and don’t get as many kids as the main streets.

  2. We just moved to a new neighborhood, so I’m not certain… hopefully more participation than our previous neighborhood though!

  3. No one comes to our house as it is in a cul de sac with just two others but our neighborhood is fairly popular.

  4. Not sure yet. We just moved to a new place. I’m hoping that we get some foot traffic.

  5. Our house is quiet during Halloween. We live out in the country and most people go to town to Trick or Treat.

  6. We don’t get any at the house we have a big neighborhood event at the clubhouse so all the activity is there.

  7. We live on a remote cul-de-sac so we only get about a dozen trick or treaters each year.

  8. We live in a area that it seems that every other year we get a number of trick or treaters and then the next year not so much.

  9. Zero trick-or-treaters! (My neighborhood is secured condo buildings, and there are no kids in my building.) I have no excuse for buying any Halloween candy, unless it’s for the office–and none of us needs that!

  10. We usually have about 100 trick or treaters. Our neighbor makes baggies and counts! Lol

  11. It’s not THE most popular, but we definitely have a lot of kids on our street, so it’s getting busier.

  12. they dont even have trick or treating in our area. we have to go to a town about 10 min away to take our son

  13. This will be our first halloween at our house so I’m not sure. My parents house gets busy though, they always have to make sure they have all lights off

  14. Our street is super popular with trick-or-treaters. But it IS Forks, Washington, so everything is Vampire or Werewolf themed!

  15. We live in a younger neighborhood, so we usually get about 100 kids, plus or minus, depending on the weather. Also, we like to give good treats!

  16. Unfortunately our street is not very popular. I’m out with my son anyway trick or treating so it’s okay.

  17. we get some trick o treaters but not enough to use up a whole bag of candy (regular sized bag)

  18. In 14 years I have had 1 trick or treater. That was only because a friend brought her son to my house so we could head downtown to go toting. I was so excited that I knew I would have one come here that I bought him several full sized candies and the McDonalds booklet and I made them knock on the door and say trick or treat, lol.

  19. How popular is your house (street, neighborhood) for trick-or-treaters?

    they dont wanna be coming to my block..

  20. Unfortunately, we live in the country. So no candy kiddos for us. but we go into town to visit with our nephews and pass out candy there. Thank you

  21. My neighborhood is hit or miss, depending on the year and the weather. We have had close to 100 kids, and then less than 30. It really varies.

  22. Not popular at all 🙂 The grandkids and their friends trick or treat here before they’re off to greener pastures. More candy for me tho’ lol 🙂

  23. We do not have many houses in our neighborhood, so it is not very popular with trick-or-treaters.

  24. We live on a road with a lot of houses but people tend to fly up and down it fast. So we don’t get a lot of kids. We usually take our kids into town and let them trick or treat there instead.

  25. Ours used to be, but not in recent years. My son’s neighborhood has a huge community party and is very popular.

  26. This will be our first Halloween at this house. It’s a popular street, so there will probably be plenty of trick or treaters

  27. I get the neighborhood kids but wish I got more! Mostly older people in my area and some of their grandkids stop by too. Usually 30-40 total.

  28. I dont like to admit this but our house is not popular during Halloween. We live away from people. Its not directly in a subdivision so we have to go to other places to trick or treat.

  29. We don’t get many kids because of being in a gated community. Less and less kids each year.

  30. We’re actually fairly popular because we’re located in a subdivision right outside of town. It’s not crazy, but we do get a decent amount of kiddos that stop by. Plus my son loves going around the neighborhood, and he always gets a generous amount of goodies.

  31. Our house used to get a lot more trick-or-treaters but it’s really slowed down in the last couple years.

  32. We have a few really young children that live in our neighborhood. Seems like the older ones go to organized parties at their school or church.

  33. Our street is full of kids from different cities who come here its a nice place to go out on Halloween .

  34. We don’t like, or celebrate halloween at all….thankfully our house is now far from the road, through a stand of trees so we don’t get any trick-or-treaters ever…and we don’t miss it. The kids are cute tho, when they are not dressed up as evil characters…witches, devils, etc… and I loved to see their cute smiles when I lived in a city. Thanks and God bless!

  35. Not popular at all, unfortunately, since we live in an apartment complex. I hate that I can’t participate in the fun.

  36. We dont get any trickortreaters..there are lots of community halloween events where the kids dress up and get candy.

  37. My town does that in schools now. I don’t think they really walk around through here to much but I am not for sure. So, I guess not very popular. Lol

  38. In New Zealand we are not fully into Halloween but I have seen one or two families trick or treating in our neighbourhood in the past couple of years.

  39. We have very few trick or treaters because we don’t have many kids in our neighborhood.

  40. How popular is your house (street, neighborhood) for trick-or-treaters?

    average,but to be fair trick-or-treat is not huge her in my country


  41. It’s not, sadly. When we first moved here 15 years ago, everyone had their lights on. Now there are only two or three house on our street in a 3 block range. We bought a lot of candy last year and only had about 15 trick-or-treaters. We usually go to my in-laws since they live in a court system, so I think we are going to there this year.

  42. we live in the woods so sadly none here. we are rural and have a great downtown and this year the police are doing a trunk or treat for safe fun

  43. I actually live in one of the busiest neighborhoods for trick or treaters so we natrually try and get out and go to some a little less crowded.

  44. My neighborhood has a good number of trick or treaters. I always end up with leftover candy though.

  45. I honestly don’t know! We have only been here 3 years and i’ve always been out with the kids trick or treating

  46. Our neighborhood in general is very popular with lots of trick or treaters, however my cul de sac has become darker and darker over the last few years as all of our kids have gotten older and everyone has started doing other things for Halloween instead of handing out candy. I am going to volunteer with a community event this year so I won’t be home either.

  47. I’ve never got trick-or-treaters at my fourplex—even from my former neighbors who had kids.

  48. I’m not sure how popular it is. We’ve been here a year and it’s a small town. I’m thinking probably just a little.

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