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Welcome to the Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop, hosted by yours truly, Reading Reality, and the Caffeinated Reviewer!

Today is Black Friday, so named because in times past, the day after Thanksgiving marked the day that retail stores finances tipped from red ink (receipts not matching expenses) to black ink. It’s also the unofficial start of the Holiday season – and the equally unofficial start of the Xmas shopping season – hence that red ink to black switch. Even though stores don’t exactly use paper ledgers and ink to do their accounting, the principle is still true. Today is the day when retail starts to turn a profit.

That this year Thanksgiving is relatively late in the calendar has more than a few of them hoping that there’s enough time to get enough people in their stores – whether physically or virtually – to make the magic happen again this year. (Next year it’s a tinge earlier. C’est la vie)

This is not a day when a lot of blogging happens. People are either out shopping or still recovering from yesterday’s turkey coma. Still, I’m going to do my little bit to help you with your holiday shopping, even if it’s just a present for yourself.

The rafflecopter below is your chance at either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository to treat yourself – or someone else.

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1. Reading Reality (INT)
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4. Read Your Writes Book Reviews (US)
5. Samantha The Book Disciple
6. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books (INT)
7. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
8. Gretl@ Goldilox and the Three Weres (US)
9. Ilovebooksandstuffblog
10. Beauty Info Zone (US/Can)
11. The Mommy Island
12. Dashing Bling Read
13. The Attic Girl
14. Maureen @ Maureen’s Books
15. For What It’s Worth
16. Suzie Olsen (US)
17. Tabatha @Broken Soul Reviews
18. Carol’s Notebook (Int)
19. Readeropolis (US)

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138 thoughts on “Black Friday Giveaway Hop

  1. i do it early because lot of my friends are abroad so i need to ship their package early december at the latest but if during the year i see an item i’m sure it’s for them i won’t wait.
    thank you for the giveaway
    miki recently posted..We miss youMy Profile

  2. I always think I’m going to start early but that never happens and I end up rushing around, last minute.

  3. I do my holiday shopping all year round and then some last minute ones lol no in-between. But for instance, I bought my mom’s Christmas gift for this year before the start of 2019!

  4. It’s a mixture of all different time periods, but mostly from now until the 15th of Dec.

  5. I’m a last minute shopper. I plan on changing every year and every year I go back to my old ways of waiting.

  6. Since all the kids in the family are now grown, I don’t have to buy many gifts any longer, but I try not to do last minute shopping.

  7. It depends on the year. This year I’m late doing my shopping because my husband was in a car accident and we’ve been dealing with that. I prefer to start in October.

  8. I don’t do much shopping anymore, but I tend to keep an idea list all year. Even if I make my purchases in Nov/Dec, they aren’t impulse buys.

  9. I tend to do my shopping thru the year. I also make a number of the gifts as well and that is done thru the year as well.

  10. I don’t do holiday shopping. My family stopped exchanging gifts years ago. We prefer to look on the holidays as a time for family to gather and enjoy each other’s company rather than to exchange gifts. We have no young children in the family. I give my daughter and her husband a small cash gift to buy something they want and a Honeybaked Ham gift card because son-in-law likes honeybaked ham and like me daughter is too cheap to buy it!

  11. I do my shopping all year round. That way, I can pick up on things people say they want and go ahead and buy them so I won’t forget later!

  12. “Do you do your holiday shopping all year round, early, or at the very last minute?” All year round–in order to find the perfect gifts!

  13. I try to shop early but not year around. Sometimes I have to wait to shop until I get that person’s wishlist. Like my son and my SIL…both slow when it comes to providing ideas and both are hard to buy for.

  14. Usually, I start at the top of November when people share their lists with me, but I have been known to snag something throughout the year if it is exactly the gift for a specific person.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  15. It does seem this time of the year is always a bit quieter when it comes to blogging with people busy shopping or preparing for the festivities. Here we don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but black Friday is a thing here now as well. I usually try to do some Christmas shopping in advance, but we don’t do a lot of presents anymore nowadays and I admit to waiting till December usually to start shopping now.
    Lola recently posted..Lola’s Kitchen: Coconut Rice Pudding RecipeMy Profile

  16. My daughter -in – law does mine for the grandkids . I cant walk very well. Lucky aren’t I?
    I used to do it all year round.

  17. I do my shopping year round. I shop all the sales and clearances. I get a lot more value for my money than people that wait till the last minute. I love a bargain!

  18. This is the first year I actually started my shopping early. I always said I would start early and never do well this year I finally did.

  19. I start in November most of the time! Thank you for the great giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving too you!

  20. I do a bit all year ’round 🙂 but I also just give the gifts when I get them. I don’t save them up for the holidays 🙂

  21. I usually buy some early and the rest between Thanksgiving and Christmas, though I try to avoid last-minute shopping.

  22. I guess I would say I do it fairly early.. usually start 1st of November although I was much later this year.

  23. I usually start around the first of December. I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to buy too much.

  24. Buying cute and useful (and on sale) stuff throughout the year. I can never pass up a great buy.

  25. It kind of varies…I tend to get antsy and can’t wait until Christmas to give gifts.

  26. We don’t do the whole presents-at-a-set-date thing in my family, rather we find something someone else likes and buy it for them. Then they complain a lot, there’s a row over it, the receiver is specially alert for something to buy the other person, etc. You never know when it’ll happen, but we’ll fight about it for sure 😛

  27. I do mine both early and last minute. I usually drag my feet because it’s so frustrating trying to get presents for people that say they don’t know what they want. Ugh!

  28. I usually start in September but if I find something perfect at any time of the year, I will make the purchase.

  29. I usually start mid-November, then by the first week of December, I think “I got this”, and begin to relax too much…and then mad dash at the last minute!

  30. I tend to shop at the last minute. Sometimes, I shop early, especially when I find the best deals.

  31. I usually do my shopping all year round but this year I’m wayyy behind and have to do some last minute!

  32. I try to find great deals all year long and put them back and hopefully match them up with someone come Christmas time. There are almost always last minute gifts to get though!

  33. I tend to start around Black Friday. Try to get everything done within 2 weeks because then the week of wrapping begins!

  34. I usually start around the end of October, beginning of November. Well here the last 2 years anyways. LOL

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