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As if that wasn’t enough, today is also Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be such a fraught holiday. If you don’t have someone, the entire day is a constant and generally unwelcome reminder. If you’re in the early stages, it feels like pressure to get the holiday right. If you’ve been partnered for a long time, there can be even more expectations and disappointments.

Or it might be a breeze for you and yours.

Then there’s the question of what to get your someone for the day. Flowers? Chocolate? Dinner out – which is going to be a real zoo as this year Valentine’s Day is a Friday – and Friday night dinner out is already a zoo.

I always loved to get flowers for Valentine’s Day, but they would be sent to my work. Now that I work from home, that’s a problem instead of an option. Not that I wouldn’t still love flowers, but there’s no place safe from the cats. That’s just a mess waiting to happen. And it would. It so would.

What about you? What would you rather receive for Valentine’s Day? Answer in the rafflecopter for a chance at my usual prize, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository.

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140 thoughts on “OMG It’s a Giveaway Hop

  1. I would say chocolate. A great chocolate fondue with a bunch of different things to dip would be perfect.

  2. I’d say flowers or chocolates are fine. I’d prefer something really thoughtful and personal though,like a meal out all paid for or a photo album of memories.

  3. If it’s flowers, I prefer a favorite plant. Chocolates would be chocolate covered cherries or strawberries. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. I definitely prefer flowers! I love flowers every day of the year, but it feels extra special to see/receive them on Valentine’s Day.

  5. I would say chocolate, though I haven’t received flowers EVER from a guy in my 30 years of life! :O

  6. To sleep in! Haha, just kidding! I would choose chocolate! I don’t love being given flowers that are just going to die. I would rather be given a plant.

  7. Neither! I don’t like flowers unless they’re actually alive (as in, in a living plant), and as for the chocolate I like to get it when I crave it 🙂

  8. I prefer flowers because I rarely get them and…well, they last longer than chocolates around me haha!

  9. A potted plant! I do love chocolate but I like to garden and want to keep the plant alive for as long as possible. 🙂

  10. I prefer neither of those 2 items. I am a going out to dinner (steak or seafood) type of girl over chocolates and flowers!

  11. Not a fan of Valentine’s Day, chocolate or receiving flowers, lmao.
    If I had to choose…. chocolate… white chocolate though.

  12. Which do you prefer for Valentine’s Day, flowers or chocolate?

    always chocolate , i dont care for flowers

  13. Flowers – because this time of year it’s so cold and snowy – it’s so nice to see something fresh and beautiful in the house. Plus I can get chocolates any time!

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