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Welcome to the Snow Much Fun Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

This is always a weird hop for me. Snow can be much fun, as long as one is inside watching it fall instead of outside trying to deal with it. But snow here in Atlanta is such a rare event that it is pretty much ALWAYS fun.

Very much on my other hand, at the moment we are all supposed to be staying in and watching whatever fall. That “whatever” being COVID-19.

And even as someone who normally works from home and doesn’t go out a whole lot, it is VERY different to be in the house because I have to be as opposed to because I want to be. That it’s expected to be a “gloomy Gus” of a week here weatherwise does not exactly help. If we’d wanted to live someplace where the weather is gray and gloomy, we’d have stayed in either Anchorage or Seattle. But the weather certainly fits the week and the mood.

But this does make for a GREAT time to stay in and READ. So if you’re looking to get a new book or two (or two dozen!) to tide you over, winning either the Amazon Gift Card or the Book should be a bit of help in that goal!

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140 thoughts on “Snow Much Fun Giveaway Hop

  1. I have fruit on hand and make sure that people have some down time also try to make sure that my family is hydrated.

  2. I’m used to being on my own so the self-isolation part doesn’t bother me. As long as I have books and my garden, I’ll never be bored!

  3. For me, it’s to make sure I keep the house clean and don’t let everything kind of get out of control…

  4. I am pretty much a loner anyway so staying home doesn’t really bother me. Just because you’re stocking up doesn’t mean you have to live on nonperishable foods. That’s going to get tiresome. Fill your freezer with fresh, flavorful soups.

  5. Keeping busy is easy around here. Our house is a mess. Keeping healthy is just a matter of not going out around people who are sick with that Coronavirus thing.

  6. I keep busy by organizing and cleaning my home and doing as much online as possible.

  7. Don’t panic. I have books, puzzle books and jigsaw puzzles to keep me busy. We have enough food and other supplies on hand that we don’t have to go to the store.

  8. Well, washing the floors and scrubbing the window sills is always a good activity!

  9. We’ve been organizing the house, video chatting with friends and spending time in the backyard to get fresh air.

  10. To make sure you have everything in stock: first aid kits, food, water, toiletries, and other important items, just in case it gets too bad.

  11. Brainstorm a list of various different things you can do indoors – both work as well as entertainment. Check off items as they are done so you are not in front of the television or computer all day long. Vary what you do to keep busy, productive, and entertained.

  12. When not at the office (which I’m still required to do for now), I’m used to staying indoors for health reasons so my routine is largely the same as usual. Just trying to stay calm, be sensible, take precautions, and not get caught up in some of the OTT pandemic pandemonium.

  13. Doing push ups, and jumping jacks after working on the yard. All while watching my favorite anime, and entering giveaways like these.

  14. I take vitamin D and C & try to at least get outside in my yard for a bit.

  15. I am revisiting some old hobbies/interests that I haven’t done in a long time. For example, I’ve started to paint again, and play the the cello! It feels really good. 🙂

  16. Do yoga and some sit ups each morning and cook healthy food! Try out new recipes with all this new free time.

  17. Make a list each day of what you want to get done and stick to it. You will feel better if you are productive and have a routine.

  18. Do exercises. Spend time with family whom you live with. Play games. Paint each others nails. Cook things together.

  19. As tempting as it is, don’t stay in bed too long…It just makes it easier to sleep the day away and do nothing.

  20. It’s crazy but I walk all around the house making sure to get my steps in. All while watching Netflix on my phone!

  21. I’m trying to avoid the TV as much as possible, so I don’t just veg on the couch. I keep myself busy with stuff I’ve been putting off around the house, plus reading and enjoying music the old fashioned way (on vinyl — that way I have to keep getting up to change the record).

  22. Best time to be going through closets and cupboards to get rid of things we aren’t using.

  23. Making sure we keep moving! Getting time in the backyard, if weather allows. Doing yoga.

  24. I do have a nice treadmill. I have been going through a collection of old movies and shows in a video collection that was given to me.

  25. No one said you can’t be in your own yard – so we are having a weed pulling party! Got to get ready for our garden of vegis going in soon!

  26. I am getting outdoors. I have been going to local nature preserves for hikes in the fresh air, then coming home and cleaning. Keeps me somewhat sane.

  27. I hoping my house will be very clean and luckily we live on a neighborhood where the houses are on acreage so we can easily walk around the neighborhood without worrying.

  28. Keeping myself occupied through reading, writing/journaling, and crafts like painting and creating collages.

  29. It’s a chance to get some of those easy-to-put-off chores done, like organizing photos and culling old bills and receipts.

  30. I make a list of things to do to keep me busy but also make sure to spend time outdoors in my garden everyday.

  31. I have yet to be bored while staying inside and social distancing. I read a lot of books, clean the house, watch TV and movies, knit, organize, bake and cook.. So many fun things to do inside 🙂

  32. There’s a lot of workouts to follow along with on youtube, many of which need no equipment! There are also a lot of books available online you may have access to. Keep your body and your mind exercised and healthy!

  33. Playing music is my tip for being stuck indoors. It’s good for your body, mind and spirit.

  34. I set timers on Alexa for every hour or so and force myself to get up and stretch, do laundry or some other activity for a few minutes.

  35. I like making a list and crossing things off to feel accomplished and motivated during the day!

  36. I’m so devastated that I’m not going to be able to visit Barnes+Nobles occasionally anymore due to the virus:(. I really miss the smell of books and the sound of the calm cafe whirring in the bookstore. But hopefully, thanks to your amazing blog, I can receive the opportunity to read a ya book I love!

  37. I pray, listen to podcasts, I listen to radio words, I do yoga, text and Facetime with family and friends. Make dinner, clean the house and watch the news constantly and worry about those of us who have compromised immune systems

  38. I stay positive. I try to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. I really don’t get cabin fever so I’m fortunate in that regard.

  39. We are doing spring cleaning and fixing thing around the house, garden ect…. Plus we do crafts and like to read.

  40. Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us! Much needed at this time to distract from the news!

  41. We have started to work on deep cleaning one room a day in the morning. Then we have the rest of the day for Netflix, video games, etc. We are have some boxes started for donating items when we can.

  42. I exercise to different videos on youtube and try to eat less and just keep busy.

  43. My best way to keep busy and healthy while being indoors is by entering sweepstakes online.

  44. I have been keeping busy by cooking and baking from scratch and exercising by taking a walk.

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