Something to Marble At Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Something to Marble At Giveaway Hop, hosted by MamatheFox!

This is still the punniest blog hop ever! Especially this year, when it’s definitely a toss up between “marbling at” something and losing one’s marbles. We may all be watching our marbles roll around before too long. This situation is weird and getting weirder as well as becoming more tragic by the day.

Most of us are just trying to get through each day. For many people, including yours truly, a good book can be a great way to spend an otherwise weird day. Books can take you far, far away at times when you can’t actually go anywhere at all. Like now.

I’m giving away the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in Books from the Book Depository or the bookstore of your choice, in the hopes of adding a little bit of escape or a little bit of help to someone’s day in the midst of all this madness. Just a little something to “marble at”.

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156 thoughts on “Something to Marble At Giveaway Hop

  1. My son who is always so active and happy to play soccer inside the house. He always lifts up my spirits with his energy!

  2. Just “marbling” at the sunshine that’s allowing me more time to sit outside and read!

  3. I’m learning how to embroider during these crazy times, it’s really relaxing 🙂

  4. Spending lots of extra time with the kids… We are all “working” from home these days.

  5. I’m a bit rusty on cooking from scratch- marbling over how to make a decent Gingerbread without using eggs.

  6. I am marbling over what color to paint my kitchen! Might as well repaint because I am stuck at home!

  7. I’m “marbeling” at how content my family has been to just stay at home and take care of things around here and spend time playing.

  8. I am “marbling” at all the beautiful wildlife I see from my back proch each morning

  9. I’m marbling at my son! He has really kept me going and kept me company through all of this.

  10. I am marbling at the great job I am doing getting my yard/flower bed and garden back in shape with lots of weed pulling, planting and transferring. Love the colors all around, enjoying the delicious vegis and yard is lush and fun to play on.

  11. I’m marbling at the day things get back to normal. Also anime and online games.

  12. I am “marbleing” at how well my kids are getting along and how much time they have spent playing together the last few weeks.

  13. I’m “marbling” at the GOOD changes in the world that are coming from such an awful pandemic….kindness,slowing down, family time, returning to simpler things rather then hollywood and professional sports greed. Thanks and God bless!

  14. Homeschooling! Got me loosing my marbles!
    Reading when I can <3 Thanks for the chance

  15. I’m taking advantage of the two months free KU and binge reading my favorite series.

  16. My husband and I just moved to a place with more natural light! Waking up in the morning is so nice.

  17. I’ve been listing on ebay in between helping my kids stay on track with school.

  18. The courage of everyone on the front lines from the obvious ones to doctors, nurses and mailmen/mailwomen, to the janitors, food workers, cashiers etc., at hospitals. They also play a big role in keeping things running.

  19. I’ve been working from homw these days and haven’t been out for more over a month now.

  20. Doing a lot more cooking right now and cleaning this house like never before. Have been getting so many things done.

  21. I am marbeling at the fact that places like Disney and Vegas are ghost towns.

  22. …at my kids. They are doing an awesome job of keeping up with all their school work online. Bravo.

  23. I have been on relying on TV, IPad, Prayers and Snacks (TIPS) Thanks for the giveaway.💕💋

  24. Tiger King. I just can’t look away from the train wreck! It’s just unbelievable!

  25. How I’m going to last with these kids here 24/7 haha. I can’t wait for school to be done, it’s stressful being mom and teacher at the same time.

  26. I am marbling at the ability to video chat with my loved ones. It is nice to keep in touch, especially because we cannot be together in person.

  27. I’m marbling at all my bird feeders I have set up to watch all the visitors that come to feed as well as a cute grey squirrel that visits everyday,I have food for him too.

  28. I’m marbling at entering more sweepstakes to make up for the salary I am losing!

  29. I Marble at all the Animals that are coming out of the wood works lately in the news.

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