Mother May I Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Mother May I Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

The name of this blog hop is a play on Mother’s Day being in May, on the date of the hope being May 1, or May I, and, last but not least, on the name of the children’s game “Mother May I?” Plus an echo of every child’s question, “Mother, may I go out to play?” albeit phrased a bit less formally.

In this year of COVID19, whether it is permissible AT ALL for anyone to go outside and play seems to still be up in the air – right along with the virus.

I may not be the “Mother” of the game – or actually anyone’s mother except for our cats – but I still MAY, and in fact AM, giving away the winner’s choice of either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in books from the Book Depository to one lucky winner on this hop. Whether the winner chooses to do something sensible or get themselves something to play with is entirely up to them!

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152 thoughts on “Mother May I Giveaway Hop

  1. I have usually made some sort of goodie for her and then brought over to her home a coffee. I sent a box of fresh fruit to her this year.

  2. My son and husband make dinner each Mother;s Day, that is my favorite tradition. We used to go out but for dinner but stopped years ago because it is the busiest restaurant day of the year and places were just to packed to enjoy dinner.

  3. We usually get my mom flowers, I like how it makes her happy and brightens up the house as well 🙂

  4. Spending time with my family at our house which is precious. A lunch which I lovingly prepare.

  5. My favorite Mother’s Day tradition was bringing my mom a big floral arrangement and her favorite candy.

  6. My Mother and Mother in law are both deceased we take flowers to their Graves and we take bouquet of flowers to the nursing home to give to people who do not have any families.

  7. I used to love cooking breakfast in bed for my mom with my brother. We would make a big mess sometimes!

  8. My favorite mother’s day tradition is talking with my daughter and grandson. They are too far away to visit often but facetime calls are great.

  9. We always have a small get-together for my mom where my brother comes up, and we end up having a BBQ for her with some of her favorite foods.

  10. Going out to eat, but I don’t think we will be able to do that this year. 🙂

  11. was going to brunch with my mom and wife but we lost my mom last month so don’t think that will be happening again

  12. There is no tradition in our household. The biggest gift my mother usually likes is to be thankful to wake up every morning.

  13. Won’t be happening this year but our Mother’s Day/Hub’s birthday/youngest son’s dinner. They all fall within 2 two days of one another.

  14. Taking her out to her favorite restaurant but that’s not going to happen this year!

  15. Oh, my. No Mother’s Day traditions anymore, but we all reminisce about her frequently.

  16. My favorite tradition is going out to eat with all the generations of my family!

  17. My mom is actually not a fan of Mother’s Day— or so she claims. She says that “it’s how you treat your mother every day of the year that matters.” So in this spirit, I like to surprise her with a random “MY Mother’s Day holiday, usually a few weeks before the actual/traditional holiday. Sometimes I’ll throw a surprise one at her at some very random time (usually, when I sense that she could use a pick-me-up), e.g. in August. I think that she gets a kick out of this. 🙂

  18. To give my mom a hug, and spend some time together, everyday is mother’s day though.

  19. Spending time with my loved ones – if not in person, then time with each on a phone call or hang out on the computer

  20. Going to the Mother’s day Spring Plant sale and getting plants to grow.
    Thanks for the contest.

  21. I don’t really have a Mother’s Day tradition. I like to spend it with my mom but we don’t do anything traditional.

  22. My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is having a nice dinner with my mom.

  23. Sending my mom (she lives out of state) a gift I know she will love. This year, we bought her a Harry and David Fruit of the Month Club subscription.

  24. We used to go to a concert in the zoo featuring one of my Mom’s favorite local singers, Irma Thomas.

  25. While we won’t get to do it this year, we usually go out for brunch with my mom and all her kids and grandkids.

  26. My mom loved a garden. Each year I would take Ma over to the Home Depot and let her pick her favorite plants. Afterward, I would build us a fire and have steak and if I could find it, corn on the cob

  27. Having a nice lunch with my family is my favorite tradition – not on Mother’s Day itself, but on Saturday, when it’s not so noisy and crowded.

  28. Making dinner for my mom. I mean I cook often, but it’s nice because I often try new things for Mother’s day and she really enjoys it.

  29. Every year my sister and I have a big planter filled with flowering plants delivered to our Mom’s patio. She’s in her mid-eighties and can’t look after a larger garden anymore. This way she gets to enjoy the flowers all summer with just the occasional watering.

  30. I love making my own gift baskets for mom.. I choose all her favorite toiletry products and set them up nice. I do it every year.

  31. My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is running the Susan G Komen breast cancer 5k with my mom on Mother’s day!

  32. My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is that I take my my mom shopping and out to lunch on Mother’s day

  33. For the last couple of years me and my older sister take my mom out for lunch.

  34. For years my mother and my grandmother would meet for lunch at the same restaurant every year. When my sister and I got to be teens we would go along as well, and I have such good memories of spending time with them. I can even now close my eyes and summon up that restaurant and the warm fuzzy feelings of being with them.

  35. Having my children and their families stopping by and usually go out for brunch. Love seeing them!

  36. No traditions, but seeing as Mother’s Day normally falls on my birthday, my fiance normally takes me out to dinner and the past two years we have bought my mother in law flowers. I’d love to win this to show her some support this year.

  37. My family takes me out to my favorite restaurant. This year we will be doing takeout.

  38. Normally, it’s getting together with my mom & celebrating her birthday as well

  39. My favorite is taking my mom to a local seafood restraunt that we love a sharing a large order of seafood nachos for lunch and spending a few hours together.

  40. In the past, we have gone to a nice local restaurant-not this year! We will just celebrate at home.

  41. I planted flowers for my Mother in front of her house about 15 years ago, and she always sends me a picture of them blooming on Mother’s Day.

  42. My favorite is usually going out to eat with the family. We love to spend time together.

  43. Great question: we don’t have a lot of specific mother’s day traditions. Some years we have gone out to eat, sometimes we cook at home. Gifts vary. Sometimes I get breakfast in bed. 🙂

  44. I love i. My grandkids, son, and hubby make us Mom’s dinner and dessert.

  45. My mom and I usually go shopping and out to lunch, but we can’t do that this year so I gave her some gifts and am going to make dinner

  46. My daughter and I were just thinking of this today. She’s ready for her mother/daughter outings again.

  47. I actually don’t have any Mother’s Day traditions….I’ve never been blessed with children and my sweet parents both passed away 16 years ago. Thanks and God bless.

  48. My favorite tradition is the whole family going to eat at Red Lobster. This year we just had dinner at home

  49. Mom is dead, so we can only put roses on her gravce and sit on the bench nearby and reflected of memories of the past we shared with her.

  50. We used to do the whole traditional Mother’s Day Brunch but it’s just me left in the family now. So it’s just another day for us.

  51. I like to bring my mom flowers every year and thank her for being a great mom. If she isn’t working, then we like to go for lunch.

  52. We have a BBQ at my in-laws every year and throw corn hole. It’s a really fun time!

  53. We don’t really have any Mother’s Day traditions except going to visit my Grandma

  54. We usually go to my grandma’s house for Mother’s Day, but we couldn’t this year. Sometimes we make dinner and other times we get take out. We usually watch a movie after dinner and enjoy dessert of some sort. We keep it simple. The important thing is that we spend time together and everyone has a good time.

  55. I always plan a dinner for my family for Mother’s Day and my husband usually helps prepare the meal. This year my kids did offer to wash dishes.

  56. Visiting mother on her big day and bringing flowers is my favorite tradition.

  57. Now that she is grown…I look forward to the Mother’s Day phone call…

  58. I like our entire family taking my mother in law out to a fancy shmancy restaurant

  59. My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is giving my mother gifts and a nice dinner.

  60. We typically do brunch and eat cake! Thankfully my parents and I are quarantining together!

  61. I like buying my mom a new plant or flower for her yard each Mother’s Day!

  62. I used to love to take my mom out to a nice restaurant on her day. I miss her and wish the clock could be back.

  63. My favorite Mother’s Day tradition is taking my mom to the casino with my sisters.

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