The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 6-14-20

Sunday Post

Ok, so I think this will be this week’s schedule. I’m actually sure about everything but Thursday, as I’m committed for the other days and I’m halfway through An Unnatural Life. But it’s been another week of bouncing hard off of too many things and having a difficult time getting back in the groove.

Here’s this week’s George picture to distract you from my waffling:

Don’t worry about him being in the carrier. I know he LOOKS miserable, and he wasn’t happy about the situation, but he’s in there to go to the vet’s for his 16-week kitten wellness check and booster shots. Where he got a clean bill of health so he’s just fine. One more set of boosters next month and then it will be time for him to be snipped and chipped! Which won’t make him terribly happy either but MUST be done.

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