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Welcome to the Heart 2 Heart Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

Just in case the hearts in the hop image were a bit too subtle of a clue, this is sorta/kinda a Valentines Day hop. Or at least it is here! Other stops on the hop may have other ideas.

We usually did something for Valentines Day. Not necessarily on the exact day, because of the madness of crowds and the difficulty of getting reservations anywhere on the day itself, but still, it got marked. Usually flowers, especially since now we can put them on the enclosed back porch, we can see them and go out to water them, but the cats can’t get to them and EAT them.

Well, technically they COULD get to them. There’s a cat flap between the living room and the porch. It’s even unlocked! But none of them have figured out how it works. This bunch are not the smartest cats we’ve ever had. (Also not the least intelligent. They’re kind of in the middle as the last bunch contained both ends of the intelligence spectrum.)

Cat stories aside, what about your Valentines Day celebration? What are you planning or hoping for this year of COVID times? Answer in the Rafflecopter for your chance at the usual Reading Reality prize, your choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a book up to $10 in value from the Book Depository.

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137 thoughts on “Heart to Heart Giveaway Hop

  1. I adore chocolate truffles so I am always happy to receive those. Flowers are lovely as well.

  2. I love receiving flowers! But then again, cards are so special. Maybe flowers AND a card? Haha.

  3. I have bought some of my husband’s favorite candies. For me I have received a vase of my faorite flowers before. I do not really need anything.

  4. We usually just pick up a nice meal for us and the kids. I did hint that my hubby was welcome to see the Amazon wishlist I just made just in case. haha!

  5. I’d enjoy a nice lunch with my husband. Normally we do this the day before, when restaurants are not so noisy or crowded. This year, I support it’ll be Skipthedishes, or pickup from one of our favorite restaurants.

  6. I am very happy with a card from my husband but always love a surprise….even after 47 years of marriage….love is grand!

  7. We don’t usually do gifts on days like Valentine’s day, My husband spoils me all year long.
    I would love flowers though

  8. I will probably give my mom flowers for Valentine’s Day to show her how much I appreciate her.

  9. I’d love some beautiful flowers and some chocolate! My husband will be getting chocolate:)

  10. I hate to sound greedy, but he sort of failed Christmas, so I’m expecting a bit more for Valentine’s this year.

  11. I love flowers….My husband usually cooks a great dinner on Valentine’s Day and that is the best gift!

  12. I’m a chocolate kinda girl! I never expect anything and say not to spend the money but I do love chocolate!

  13. Anything would be nice! I have a feeling that I’ll get absolutely nothing once again this year!

  14. I would rather go somewhere…for a walk, an amusement park, a hike, a new town…anywhere that I haven’t been before

  15. I’d love some flowers or chocolates, but I’d be happy with just a card. My birthday is the 13th, so usually I get a combined gift, so it’s nice to sometimes get a separate card! lol

  16. Nothing really, I might call my niece so I can talk to my great nieces and great nephew, but that’s about all I do. It’s not a big deal any longer since we can’t physically be together. I can’t even get to a store to buy valentines for them. 🙁

  17. My anniversary is Feb 5th so we usually cook dinner together on Valentine’s Day and watch movies together. Just keep it simple since we celebrate the week prior. This is a bit different with the pandemic since we don’t live together and we’re social distancing to protect each other.

  18. Anything. We’ve celebrated 44 Valentine’s Days together, so we’ve pretty much done it all–fancy, simple, getaway in a B & B, staying at home watching a movie. It’s all good.

  19. Just a card is fine. Our children’s and their spouses birthdays are all in February. We spend all our energy on them.

  20. Candy, flowers, just a card for this Valentines Day?

    Not much Valentines Day here in my country


  21. This has been such a crazy time since last Valentine’s, I’ll just settle for a bottle of wine today!

  22. we just bought a house – so my husband did low key – Cupcakes and flowers. But it was perfect.

  23. We skipped those and went out to Outback Steakhouse for lunch! We went when they first opened at 11:00 a.m. to avoid any sort of rush, since restaurants just opened here. It was delicious!

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