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Welcome to the Sparkle Time Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

Those are fireworks on that graphic, because the “sparkle” in Sparkle Time, at least for those of us in the U.S., are the Fourth of July fireworks that will probably start entirely too early and not end until people run out. And for the first time since 2019, there will be celebrations and gatherings in many cities, towns and villages, complete with more, let’s call them professional grade fireworks extravaganzas.

Even our little subdivision plans on an in-person celebration, complete with fireworks, on the day. Which is a Sunday this year, so a lot of people get Monday off as the holiday. There’s no decent way to MAKE Independence Day a Monday holiday, but every once in a while we get a three-day weekend anyway. Making this year’s celebration even more extra-special.

But, for those of us who have pets, the fireworks can get to be a bit much because they frighten the furry companions who share our homes. We’re lucky that this particular clowder doesn’t get fazed by much of anything in regards to storms or fireworks, but that hasn’t always been the case, and isn’t the case for everyone. So please have a care for your neighbors’ furry companions as you light up the night.

I’m giving away the usual Reading Reality prize in this hop, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in Books. Perhaps a chance to get noise-cancelling headphones for next year’s nights of booms and bangs?

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119 thoughts on “Sparkle Time Giveaway Hop

  1. I prefer the smaller, hometown fireworks display. Thank you for participating in the Hop! Have a safe and lovely 4th of July weekend!

  2. I like watching the professional fireworks on tv and seeing the local fireworks in person.

  3. I prefer to watch the big professional fireworks extravaganzas because they know what they are doing and are professionals. Fireworks can be dangerous if people do not know what they are doing and fail to follow safety rules and regulations.

  4. I like both the big city and small town/neighborhood shows, but I’m not a fan of backyard fireworks (except sparklers).

  5. I like both kinds of displays but the smaller, hometown variety are usually easier to get to and not as crowded. Thanks.

  6. I like all the fireworks, except when they are all day and all night and scaring the crap out of my dogs.

  7. Neither- I’m not a fan of fireworks or how they impact pets, wildlife, and people with PTSD, not to mention the risk of fire.

  8. i dunno, i got front row seats to the macys fireworks one year and it was fantastic.

  9. The professional fireworks. Something always goes wrong with the small town ones. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I’m not a huge fan of fireworks for several reasons, so… could I choose just handing out sparklers? haha.

  11. I like the small town fireworks shows and I like to watch the big ones on television.

  12. I’m not a fan of fireworks so I prefer small town celebrations.

  13. Our hometown fireworks displays tend to be big! So, I guess I like both! We like to do snaps and sparklers with the kids in the driveway too.

  14. Right now I’m down on all un-professional fireworks. Many of my friends have dogs and cats and the fireworks make them crazy.
    Thanks for the contest.

  15. “Which do you like better, the big professional fireworks extravaganzas or the smaller hometown celebrations?” Probably something big and splendid like I saw over Boston Harbor years ago.

  16. I prefer the the big professional fireworks extravaganzas because the fireworks are bigger and more interesting.

  17. HUGE and we have them.
    Amazing on the river and downtown.
    I can safely watch from my 14th floor condo.
    4th on Flagler 🙂

  18. I’m staying in the small town I live in, it’s kinda vaccine hesitant so they’re not going to have it down on the Ohio River, you can’t go down there, you have to watch from your house. Sighs!

  19. I like the small hometown ones because I can actually watch from my window or out in the back yard. I agree, the loud noises can be rough for our pets though. Thanks a bunch and Happy 4th! Hugs, RO

  20. I like going to the hometown fireworks display and then watching the big city ones on television later in the evening. Happy 4th Everyone!

  21. You know, I’m not really a big fireworks fan at all, but I guess smaller hometown ones. I get a bit flabbergasted at how much the professional ones COST. 😅 And the smaller, more familiar crowds are nice.
    Hannah recently posted..Weekend Wrap-Up: 03/07/2021My Profile

  22. I like the professional fireworks displays because I love see them light up the sky.

  23. I prefer small hometown celebrations. The traffic is not as annoying.

  24. I love both, this year I was unable to go see ones that my town does (big celebration) I was disappointed but I still could see quite a few in the distance considering I live in the country and there’s clear visibility 360 degrees!

  25. I love big, beautiful fireworks celebrations. However, I do not like fighting traffic to go see it LOL. thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone!

  26. I do like fireworks, it’s just as this point with a very scared dog I just prefer anything far enough away from our house that she can’t hear them.

  27. The big professional fireworks extravaganzas we love to see them. We dont have fireworks in our city only professional ones.

  28. I like watching the smaller hometown celebrations. That is our annual tradition.

  29. I like the small town ones. The big ones get boring after 10 minutes or so.

  30. Personally, I never liked fireworks, even as a kid. Now, it freaks my dogs out. I could do without them, put that money towards something useful.

  31. I only like the big professional fireworks extravaganzas because they are at a set time and date so you can plan for them. You aren’t surprised/frightened in the middle of the night when fireworks start going off next door. The professional fireworks are also a lot safer because the people doing them are trained and licensed in explosives. I don’t trust my neighbors to be safe with fireworks.

  32. I prefer Disney fireworks nitely amazing and being I’m s floridiot I know all the peaceful calm no one else spots so all in all I’d say small family gathering fireworks in a giant setting

  33. Smaller hometown celebrations. This year they were banned because of how dry it is so pretty much didnt see any.

  34. I like the small-town celebrations, where there isn’t a whole of people. But I want it done by professionals and not your next-door neighbor’s kid at midnight.

  35. I like both, but we normally do the small home town ones. It’s nice not having to fight crowds or traffic.

  36. I would enjoy a small town fireworks display more than a big one because I don’t like huge crowds.

  37. I prefer the big professional fireworks extravaganzas. Where I live, there were neighbors lighting fireworks until the sun was rising, throughout the night. I prefer a set time where the sky is lit up and it’s done for the night.

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