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Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Apple A Day Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

While the phrase “an apple a day” used to be, at least, an invocation to eat one’s fruits and vegetables to keep from getting sick, as the original phrase was “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, the apple in this hop’s image is more likely “an apple for the teacher” as this is the week that kids return to school in a lot of districts – including the districts in my vicinity.

So the parents I know are feeling caught between looking forward to everyone going back to their regular routine and also kind of dreading going back to their routine all at the same time. While at the same time still being slightly weirded out as August 1 seems like it’s much too early to be sending kids back to school. It’s still SUMMER! Especially in this heat.

But it’s not. It’s Back to School time!

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87 thoughts on “Apple a Day Giveaway Hop

  1. Now that the kids are grown, it means fall and beautiful weather are headed my way and apple cider :).

  2. Shopping! Other than Christmas, Back to School time is when I do the most shopping for my children (in the past) and my grandchildren (currently). It is also the first indicator that my favorite season is right around the corner!

  3. Fall is coming! I come from the North, so school ‘feels’ like September 19, when you need a jacket in the morning 2 weeks into school but don’t need it when you come home.

  4. To me back to school time means cooler weather, learning new things and making new friends!

  5. Kids are now all out of school.
    And with the kids back to school, means the YMCA’s pool will be less crowded, yes!

  6. Back to school means writing lesson plans and getting my 3 kids back on their homeschool schedule for the year.

  7. Back to school time means work is busier. I work in an academic library and the summer is so very quiet. I’m excited to see everyone back!

  8. It means the kids getting to learn new things….and a whole lot of shopping for me to do

  9. Thanks…Back to School is shopping for notebooks, pens, and other supplies for school age kids.

  10. Back to School time means that (hopefully) lots of parents and grandparents will be buying the back to school items from my shop! 🙂

  11. It means Summer is winding down, Fall is around the corner and football is coming!

  12. Back to school means end of summer, early bedtimes, shopping, being broke, and teenage eye rolls

  13. A WELL-NEEDED break lol. But it also means dance classes and basketball practices as well. Still busy either way 🙂

  14. Back to school time means the start of apple season, cooler weather and sweater weather.

  15. This year it feels so crazy. This is the first year in 30 that I don’t have anyone going to school.

  16. This is my first year to not have a child in K-12—my baby is going to college tomorrow!
    This is also my first year–in 20 years–to start school as a teacher!

  17. This may sound mean, but It really is nice to have some peace and quiet. I love kids, but sometimes it’s a bit much.

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