Interview with Author Jamie Salisbury on Stories that Need to Be Told + Giveaway

Let’s all welcome Jamie Salisbury to Reading Reality. Today’s guest is best known for her historical romances (the Perpetual series sounds yummy!) but she’s here to talk about her new contemporary romance featuring a fascinating older woman/younger man theme, Timeless Sojourn. (Just because Demi and Ashton didn’t make it doesn’t mean the pairing doesn’t have a lot of possibilities in romance, see my review for details)

For a look inside Jamie’s process, and a bit about this story, let’s hear from the author herself.

Marlene: Tell us a little bit about Jamie Salisbury. What do you do when you’re not writing?

Jamie: When I’m NOT writing, I’m out photographing something, getting inspiration for new, future books.  I love to travel , see new places, new cultures.

Marlene: You’ve had some real-life adventures that have served as background for some of your historical romances. Please tell us more!

Jamie: I’ve been fortunate to have lived abroad – great educational experiences and  I was in public relations for years, did some photography as well as being a photojournalist. Everything in and around the entertainment industry.  I have a lot of stories to come out of my vast experiences.

Marlene: What made you turn to contemporary romance for Timeless Sojourn, after writing several historical romances?

Jamie: I had some stories that wanted to be told – needed to be told and they just flowed once I started writing them. Timeless Sojourn has a lot of me in it, a lot of me poured out.

Marlene: Who first introduced you to the love of reading?

Jamie: My mother for sure, along with the fact that it was fun when I learned to read. There wasn’t all of this electronic stuff, which don’t get me wrong I think it is great, but kids don’t get the real feel of an actual book – unless they go to a library.

Marlene: Who influenced your decision to become a writer?

Jamie: It was something I always wanted to do – but in high school I had one teacher in particular who taught creative writing. She was awesome,  was way ahead of her time and made writing fun. To her no student was a “bad writer” – she just showed you how to develop what you had.

Marlene: Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you plan everything or just let the story flow?

Jamie: A little of both. Timeless Sojourn I was more of a punster – I just let the story flow and tell itself. I’ve started a new one and it is quite planned out – nice and neat. But it’s one I’ve been mulling over for months, if not longer.

Marlene: Do your characters ever want to just take over the story?

Jamie: Oh yes and I let them  – to a point. I let them as long as they don’t get away from the story line. If so I go ahead and write it out and save it for a future story.

Marlene: What book do you recommend everyone should read, and why?

Jamie: That’s a really hard question. I think everyone should read Shakespeare and some of the other classics as adults. A lot of that stuff is pushed on us when we’re in high school or even college and we don’t appreciate it until we’re older.

Marlene: What projects do you have planned for the future?

Jamie:I have just finished the sequel for Tudor Rose.  I am working on final touches for the third installment of my Perpetual western series. There will be a sequel to Timeless Sojourn – I’m already plotting it out in a notebook. And finally I have a new one I’ve just started – one I’ve been also plotting on paper.

Marlene: Now can you tell us 3 reasons why people should read your books?

Jamie: They can relate to the characters and storyline, they’re real, they’re fun.

Marlene: Morning person or night owl?

Jamie: Both!! I get up at around six in the morning, sometimes earlier and usually don’t go to bed until midnight. And then I’m usually up and down all night. I’ll go work on things instead of tossing and turning.

Oh my goodness! I usually tell people I can be bright, or I can be early, but not both at the same time. You manage to do both at once. Wow!

And I absolutely loved your answers to Scarf Princess’ questions about the attractions of the older woman/younger man romance over at Words of Wisdom. Fantastic!


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24 thoughts on “Interview with Author Jamie Salisbury on Stories that Need to Be Told + Giveaway

  1. Hey there 😛
    Six in the morning? :O How is that even possible? Just thinking about getting up that early gives me a headache xD
    As you’ve probably guessed, I’m definitely not a morning person 😛 Unless there is a very logical reason for me to be up that early 😛
    I’ve said it…I have no idea how many timesnow, and I’ll say it again. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Timeless Sojourn! 😛
    Natalie Hancock recently posted..Dark Secrets is now available!!!!My Profile

    1. Thanks Natalie!!
      And yes, Natalie has a new book out herself! So there you go! Author promoing author!!

  2. I really enjoyed the interview. I am a early person, but I don’t stay up late. I don’t know how you manage. I LOVE books, and at one time I decided to read every book in the library. I was really upset when I realized that other people were taking books out and I would be missing some.

    1. Hi momjane –
      My schedule is simply one I’ve done for years – and it works – and at my age it would be hard to change.
      Yes, reading all the books in a library would be a challenge – but it could be done with some organization around all those pesky people checking books out.
      Glad you liked the interview.

  3. I missed talking with you for the past couple of days. Life gets in the way sometimes.

    I was interested in the fact that you are a photographer too. What are your favorite subjects for your photographs?

    Do you find it a challenge to jump back and forth between genres in your writing? Most authors who write in various genres tend to stick with one for a while before moving onto a new one or back to an old one.

    1. Hi Karen –
      I totally understand about life getting in the way at times!
      My favorite subjects for photographing? Right now since I’m not traveling I would have to say just photographing whatever interests me – like I took a photo of my backyard – just a portion – to get the essence of the calm and tranquility of the trees. I’ve done everything from concert and celebrity to portrait to travel.
      Jumping back and forth in genres hasn’t been a problem so far. I have some historical ideas I’ve started writing – but I keep getting drawn back into these contemporary stories. So I guess until I get that out of my system or until the historical (an Irish/Brit 19th century piece) begs me to work on it contemporary is what I’ll write.
      Good questions! Thanks!

  4. Congrats on the new release!

    Thanks for a fun post! Ummm… I haven’t really read older heroine/younger hero romances that I can really remember so I don’t have any peeves or likes… definitely going to go check out this book though 🙂

    1. Pauline –
      I can understand that – guess that’s what I could call myself – I’m not a night or a morning – I just go!! LOL!
      Thanks, I love this cover. My personal favorite of all my covers. It was created by Fiona Jayde of Fiona Jayde Media. She’s such an awesome talent. She also did the cover to Tudor Rose.

  5. I also like photography. I have taken some photos and they are so lovely I framed them and have them on my wall.
    About the older woman younger man relationship. Age does not matter at all.

    1. Hi Rita –
      You are right – age does not matter at all. In my book, it’s simply a number on a piece of paper.
      Today, photography has grown by leaps and bounds with the digital cameras. Think about it, people today almost always have a camera with them. From the camera in their phone, to their tiny point and shoot to the DSLR.

  6. Hi Jo,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Women do tend to live longer – why should be left alone during the last phase of our lives. Younger men are fun and they keep you in that frame of mind as well!

  7. Jamie…I see that your heroine, Anne, is a photographer–like you. Cool! Does Anne share any of your other qualities or interests?
    As someone who turned the big 5-0 this year, I can appreciate an older woman being pursued and having some fun…and maybe her happily ever after.

    1. Catherine –
      Oh yes!! Anne and I share a lot of similarities!
      And I agree with your comment about younger men/older women!!

  8. I agree with you about reading the classics again as an adult…so many books get forced on kids in the wrong way or at the wrong time, and it can be a turnoff even if the work is wonderful.

    1. Yep! Good example? Moby Dick!! Even reading it as an adult is hard!

  9. I definitely like a story where I can relate to the characters. Congrats on your newest release!


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