Rain Rain Go Away! Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Rain Rain Go Away! Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island

When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me the rhyme, “Rain, rain go away! Come back another day.” I’m still kind of expecting the rain to answer back, “But I did. I did!” I’ve often looked for a cartoon that did this, but I haven’t found one. At least not yet.

There’s also a riddle about rain that I’m a little bit too fond of.

“If April Showers bring May Flowers, then what do May Flowers bring?”

The answer, of course, is pilgrims. I can’t believe I actually managed to catch someone with this the other day. Everything old is new again. Except the rain. Even when we need it, days and days of rain just plain get old.

What never gets old is the opportunity to win your choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository, just by entering the rafflecopter below.

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And for more fabulous prizes, be sure to visit the other stops on the hop. This one is HUGE!

231 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away! Giveaway Hop

  1. I like bundling up in some blankets somewhere comfortable, with hot tea and either a book or music. And my cat!
    However, today it rained buckets and all I did was go buy groceries – no fun.

  2. My favourite thing to do on a rainy day is to bake. I love baking cookies, cakes and cupcakes.

  3. On a rainy day I get my favorite fleece throw blanket,my cat ,a hot cup of tea and my kindle or I binge watch one my favorite shows that I’m too busy to watch regularly.

  4. Sleep only if noone else is around, other wise it would be just a normal day rain or shine in this household.

  5. If it’s not just raining but storming I love watching it storm. Other wise I’ll watch TV or be on my computer.

  6. I love playing softball in the rain! Especially if it is a warm rain but we don’t get warm rain here very often. I also just love the sound of rain! And reading while listening to it 😀

  7. I like watching a movie with the kids on rainy days and if they are not here, I work on my home.

  8. I love going to my back patio with a warm type of drink and read for hours and relax!!!

  9. On rainy days, I love to read and catch up with family who live out of state.

  10. Everything! If if were rainy every day, that would be heavenly to me lol I LOVE rainy and overcast days the most 🙂

  11. I love reading and listening to the rain hit my windows.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  12. My favorite thing to do would be sleep in and then curl up with a good book and some coffee.

  13. Just about anything! I LOVE rainy days. It can be fun to go for a drive with a friend and listen to the radio or a CD, or just stay at home and cook/bake something.

  14. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

    by myself video-games or a book.whit some friends boardgames or movies!

  15. I like to cook and read on a rainy day. Great day to curl up to a book with a big bowl of chili.

  16. On a rainy day naps are the best! Ideally I would want to drink some hot chocolate and watch Harry Potter or curl up with a book.

  17. On rainy days, I like to snuggle up and read books or watch old movies while drinking hot chocolate.

  18. I bake and we do board games. On the rare occasion, we like to turn up the music and clean.

  19. Mostly it doesn’t rain heavily here so I can still walk, or I’d just read…avoid housework

  20. I like staying in and doing chores I never feel like doing when it is sunny and nice outside.

  21. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is either read or talk to friends on the internet. 🙂

  22. Reading a good book while sipping a matcha latte is my favorite thing to do on a rainy day!

  23. Watch movies,,,Wish it were housework but the dreary weather gives me no motivation.

  24. I like to be in the house with my electric heater on, my computer on and a cup of coffee next to me

  25. When spring finally comes, I like to go on walks and see all the flowers blooming 🙂

  26. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is watch movies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I actually like to go to the zoo on rainy days. The animals are almost always more active and interesting.

  28. “What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?” I like to drink tea and ruminate!

  29. I like to stay inside and read a book or play games on the iPad. Thanks.

  30. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book, snuggled in a blanket.

  31. I like to catch up on my stack of unread magazines. Never have time to go through them

  32. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is nuzzle on the couch under a blanket and watch my shows with a book or magazine.

  33. I love to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book on the couch. Bonus points if I have a cat curled up on my feet.

  34. my favorite thing to do on a rainy day would be relaxing inside with my 4 year old playing board games and watching movies and having snacks and even baking a cake or cookies !

  35. On a rainy day, I like to stay in and cook several dishes and then run out to a movie.

  36. If it’s a rainy day in the summer I may put on a swimsuit & go jump in Puddles. In other seasons on a rainy day I usually curl up in my nice warm bed and take a nap or watch some TV.

  37. I like the fact that I can read a lot and catch up on sleep on those rainy days.

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