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Is snow much fun for you? It isn’t for me, so I’m grateful to live someplace where we don’t get much of it. I’m rather fond of saying that winter only deals a glancing blow around here. We occasionally get a dusting, but whenever they start predicting a snowpocalypse the whole city shuts down until it passes – or melts.

It’s raining here now. Actually, Spring has pretty much sprung around here. The summers, on that dreadful other hand, are rather beastly. But that’s why iced tea was invented.

Meanwhile, snow. If you haven’t seen the last snowfall of the season in your area by now, you will sometime this month. Even Anchorage generally slid into mud season by April Fools’ Day. And slid, and slipped, and slid some more. And squelched a bit. There are LOTS of things I miss about living there, but winter and breakup are not any of them.

How much snow is too much for you?

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156 thoughts on “Snow Much Fun Giveaway Hop

  1. We don’t get much snow in Ireland (although this time last year we had 7 feet of the stuff!) so that when it does come I like to go outside and play! Some of us haven’t quite grown up yet 😉

  2. It depends. I love snow when I can hunker down inside and watch it. When I actually have to shovel the stuff to dig my car out? One flake is too much! (We had snow overnight–minimal, luckily–and more expected over the next few days, so winter’s still hanging on.)

  3. When I was a kid, I absoutely loved the snow. All the snow days and delays were my favorite thing in the world! As I have grown up and am now commute to college. I hate it with a passion. If I have no where to go, I don’t mind it but, I am terrified of driving in the snow lol

  4. I love it when it snows. And when the is lots of snow I love baking plenty of goodies for my family and friends.

  5. It’s ok not a big deal to me either way. There was really no snow yet. I hope we get one at least one time.

  6. Snow is no fun for me at all. I grew up where we had a lot of snow, and thank goodness I live where I hardly ever see it now.

  7. I have lived in the deep South all my life, so I don’t have much experience in the snow. I think it is very pretty, but would not be able to maneuver around in much of it!!!

  8. If it’s more than a few inches it’s too much! I love it. So pretty after a snowfall but I’m so over shoveling feet of snow!!!

  9. It rarely snows where we live so when it does its super exciting. We definitely make the most of it!

  10. My favorite winter activity is reading in my comfy chair with a cup of tea and a cat on my lap. (it’s currently snowing in Denver)
    Thanks for the contest.

  11. I just love snow! Its so pretty and pure. Expected some this morning but looks like the weather peeps were wrong.

  12. It used to be a lot more fun when I was younger because I didn’t have to worry so much about the mess. However, I love to get out in it with my dog now and play with her because she LOVES it!

  13. I love snow! I love how it looks, and I love watching kids play in it, and I even kind of like shoveling snow (it’s great exercise).

  14. I’m not a big fan of winter. We had a month of -40C here, we’ve had a bit of snow, but nothing crazy and the farmers are prob hoping for a wet spring.

  15. The first snow of the year is fun, but it gets old fast. The kids here haven’t had a single week without a snow day since before Christmas.

  16. Snow is not fun to me. It is pretty when it first falls and that’s about it. Then the snow plows come through and it gets ugly and grey. Plus it is not at all fun to drive in (or walk in). Here in Northern Kentucky we don’t get as much as we did when I lived in Toledo, Ohio but we get more than we did when I lived in South Carolina. If it never snowed again it wouldn’t break my heart.

  17. Snow is pretty watching it fall outside the window and blanketing the landscape, but driving in it is another thing!

  18. I have always enjoyed the snow – with the exception of heavy wet snow that can cause major damage to a roof, etc. – but I enjoy the cold and snow adds to the fun…Yep, it can be tiring to have to keep the shovel digging daily – but living in a seasonal area is so refreshing!

  19. I don’t mind the snow. I prefer winter over any other season – the cold doesn’t bother me. I don’t even own a jacket and at times it can be in the -40s with the windchill. I don’t want to hang out outside when its that cold, but I’d take -40 over +100 ANYDAY of the week.

  20. NO! It’s pretty when were are inside looking at it, or stuck at home safely in a blizzard. I stay warm by keeping our thermostat up, wearing socks, snuggling under the blankies with my sweet hubby, etc….Thanks and God Bless!

  21. I have mixed feelings about snow. I lived in the Midwest most of my life and snow was always a challenge. Now that I live in Arizona, where we seldom have snow, it’s sort of a special treat.

  22. I don’t get snow where I’m at. But when I do see the snow, I tend not to stay too long because I get cold easily!

  23. to be honest at first it is, but toward the middle and end it gets pretty annoying. seems like it lasts forever

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