Jeepers It’s January Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Jeepers! It’s January Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island

Jeepers, it IS January, isn’t it?

It’s COLD here in Atlanta, with highs barely into the 30s and lows in the teens. One of the reasons we moved down here it to avoid this stuff. I like having four seasons, but I much prefer it when winter deals us a very glancing blow. That’s not what this is. BRRRR!

But everywhere (and everyone) is different. In both Anchorage and Chicago, this weather would be almost balmy for this time of year. And it would be warm enough that everyone would be just waiting for the snow, make that MORE snow, to fall, followed by a temperature plunge into the “belows”. As in below zero. There were definitely things I loved about living in both cities, but the January (and February!) weather was not among them.

But it is definitely January, which means short chilly days and long, even chillier nights. One lucky commenter will win their choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository, to get themselves something to help pass those long cold nights. Spring will come. Eventually.

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For most great prizes to get you through the chilly days and long nights, be sure to visit the other stops on the hop!

257 thoughts on “Jeepers It’s January Giveaway Hop

  1. Yearend is always super busy for me both personally and professionally, and this year more than most, so I’m glad for a very brief respite.

    BTW, the cold has been brutal where I am, but I’m happy that I haven’t had to do any major shoveling (yet).

  2. what I liked the least is the very cold weather and my furnace died so not a nice holiday season for me

  3. I hate winter, so post-holiday season is always tough for me. I’m looking forward to moving soon, though.

  4. I don’t like the holiday let down. You get to put up your decorations in mid-November, but everyone expects you to have everything down by the first weekend of January. I want my stuff to stay up all year long!

  5. I like that the stress of the holidays is over. I dislike the cold and the snow.

  6. What I like least about the post-holiday season is having to take down all of our Christmas/winter decorations!

  7. I dislike getting back into work mode, and knowing I probably won’t have any days off anytime soon.

  8. i like that the world is full of new possibilities but hate that im not seeing my kids as much!

  9. I don’t like returning to work after the holidays because I don’t use any PTO for the first 4 months of the year.

  10. I like that things have slowed down and have some time to relax nd think of the new year.

  11. I dislike that it’s when tax rises and such start with the New Year, but I like that there’s some discounts!

  12. It’s getting back to life without the festivities, music and holiday cheer that’s sad. I hate taking down all my decorations and waiting so long to see out of state relatives. But the worse ? All the bills come in with 2018 lol lol

  13. I like that the season is over, not because I don’t like Christmas, but I always have such impossibly high expectations that I can’t meet.

  14. My least favorite part of the post-holiday season is putting away all of the decorations.

  15. The thing I like least about the post holiday season us having to take down all of the decorations that I put up. The house looks so plain without them.

  16. My favorite part of the post-holiday season is no more shopping and wrapping presents.

  17. One thing that I really enjoy about this time of year is the absence of that weird, specific kind of pressure– to have The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, on a very, very particular date!!!

  18. I love how there’s just a period of calm…nothing crazy going on for a while. Sure normal craziness but that’s okay!

  19. I am just glad the holidays are over. I tend to get depressed during this time.

  20. I’m glad that the gift getting pressure is over but I sure miss the holiday spirit and music,and activities leading up to the holiday.

  21. I hate every about the post-holiday season! You’re tired, you’ve eaten too much, you have to take down the decorations and then you have to go back to school / work!

  22. My least favorite thing about the holiday season is packing up all the decorations. It’s not the most fun task and then everything feel less cheerful and more plain.

  23. I love that it’s a new start and searching for everyone’s perfect presents for the next Christmas!

  24. I love all the extra family time but hate all the traveling with kids…. We were in the car for 26 hours!

  25. I like that I will have more time to be with my daughter. I have a shop so I work a lot at Christmas.

  26. this year what im loving about the post holiday season is that all the sweet treats aren’t around anymore!

  27. What do you like most (or least!) about the post-holiday season?

    i like the holiday season when it starts,but the week before christmas i cant wait till it all over…now its to damn cold to do anything outside,and thats a bummer

  28. I dislike taking down the and the tree, but afterwards when the house is put back together and clean I feel better.

  29. Oh I really hate taking down all the decorations! We love this time of year and its so hard to take down our outdoor decorations…we love all the nights. Such a beautiful time of the year!

  30. I love getting back to a normal routine, and the feeling of a fresh start in the new year.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  31. What I like most are all the sales! Especially the post-holiday candy that goes on sale 😀

  32. What I don’t like is that its another year that went by, makes me feel unaccomplished.

  33. i like how things settle down after christmas, i like the start of a fresh new year with new goals and that we are a little bit closer to spring !!!

  34. I enjoy the quiet after the holidays. It gives me a chance to clean up and then relax with a book.

  35. Every year I struggle with my weight starting at Halloween telling myself to limit my intake is funny when someone comes up with popcorn balls to died for, stuffin’ that I never had before and couldn’t get over and the darn Christmas cookies…it’s fine to take one but when there are so many different kinds, you can’t…or at least I can’t. Diet until next October…lol

  36. This year, I have exams and exams (2weeks) just after my holidays so…. There aren’t holidays ? XD

  37. I usually hate to see the Christmas season and decorations go. This year the New Year has brought snow and my kids got to see and play in it for the first time, so that has made it very exciting!

  38. I like that the stress is gone and a New Year brings new goals, new experiences and maybe for me “new love”.

  39. The new year always feels like new beginnings, almost like you’re “allowed” to start again on your goals

  40. The clean up. I hate having to take down my Christmas decorations and restore my home to its usual state. That and all the dishes that need done after big dinners! So frustrating and time consuming.

  41. The thing I like the most after the holiday season is being able to appreciate watching my children enjoy the things they received during the holidays and their happiness.

  42. I love the quietness around the house with just my kids home- they spend hours with each other, watching movies with me or playing with new toys.

  43. It’s quieter around here. But too cold and Spring isn’t coming fast enough…
    Thanks for the contest.

  44. The thing I like least is getting back to work, cleaning up and feeling like I gained weight!

  45. I love the thought of new beginnings, but I dislike that the holidays go by so fast.

  46. I hate the melancholy that follows… For a few weeks I feel depressed and I wish I could do it all over again.

  47. I am always relieved that it is over. I always feel I never meet expectations, although I do try.

  48. What I like most about the post-holiday season is the extra free time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. After the holidays fatigue sets in, my motivation to get to the gym dwindles, my drive to tackle unanswered emails is sapped, and my body reels from overindulging in food and drink. Not only do I feel a wave of post-binge guilt, but insulin levels spike when I overeat. And that leaves me tired, moody, irritable, and hankering for even more sugar.

  50. I like that all the stress of the holidays are over and we are back to a normal routine

  51. What do you like most (or least!) about the post-holiday season?

    well i don’t like that i’m a bunch of pound’s fatter,have to clean up all the decoration’s and stuff,and it’s still cold as heck!

  52. I am enjoying watching the children riding their new bikes, throwing the football, and playing with their toys that they found under the tree.

  53. I don’t like taking down the Christmas tree and ornaments. The place looks so empty and lifeless. LOL.

  54. What I like most about the post-holiday season is all the great clearance sales that go on in store and online to clear out seasonal merchandise.

  55. I like when everything kind of calms down after the holidays and I get time to relax.

  56. I don’t like fluffing all the branches every year on the Christmas tree after it’s been crammed back into its original box!

  57. I don’t like how overridden the stores get with people returning everything left and right.

  58. I don’t like taking off the decorations and waiting a full year to put them on again! 🙂

  59. I enjoy the down time after all the holidays. I enjoy the holidays, but by the time it is over I am exhausted!!!

  60. What I like most about the post holiday season is that you get back into a regular routine with sleep, work, and eating.

  61. what I loved most was just being with my family. What I liked least was my moms best friend passed away just before Christmas.

  62. What I like most about the post-holiday season is meeting friends I haven’t seen for the whole vacation and talk about how we spent our holidays.

  63. I like that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and I can take time to relax. Thanks.

  64. I don’t like that everyone is taking their lights/decorations down. I love seeing them.

  65. I find the time after the holidays a little sad. The holidays are such a fun time and it stinks when they end!

  66. Post holiday is always hard for me since my dad died right after. So it’s been ten years now.

  67. i LIVE IN canada so n ot sure if able to enter this…but its cold here, we do -35C on a reg basis and with the windchill it gets down to -45C . I take the whole week off of work this time of year because I have a lot of senority and we usually only work 3 days anyways. My kids both have moved away to other provinces here so its a very quiet time for us.

  68. What I like least about the post Holiday season is, a lot of folks I know have the Flu.

  69. While I love the holidays, I find that I accomplish so much more when I get back into a routine. What I hate most is the cold weather. I am a summer time person and love going to the beach in the summer.

  70. I love all the after sales and markdowns. I load up for the year for birthdays and next christmas for the little ones.

  71. What I like least is putting up the decorations. I always wish they could stay up just a bit longer.

  72. I absolutely love Christmas but I’m glad it’s over and i can actually enjoy my family. My 80 year old mom comes around the 1st every year and i always look forward to having her for 2 or 3 months.

  73. I like spending the rest of the break with my kids. I don’t like taking all of the decorations down.

  74. I like that things slow down for awhile. I have packing away my decorations. My house looks naked!

  75. What I like most about the post-holiday season is that everyone is calming down and trying to get back to normal schedules.

  76. The thing I like least is taking down all of the decorations. I really enjoy them and would love to leave them up all winter!

  77. The thing that I like most about the post-holiday season is the calm and lack of stress. There’s more time to relax and not have to plan for as much.

  78. My least part of the holiday season is taking down all the decorations. Not as fun as putting them up!!

  79. I love that it seems like a new year right after all that stress. Time to slow down and relax.

  80. my favorite thing about the post holiday season is that we are closer to wearing flip flops

  81. What I like the least is that this is the time when the real winter starts over here, but what I like the best is that the days are finally getting longer.

  82. I enjoy the calm after the crazy business of the holidays. I also like just relaxing in my own home alone as we have some many people to visit with during the Christmas season.

  83. The thing I dislike most about the post-holiday season is based on where I live. Oklahoma generally has fairly mild winters, but if we are going to have cold and/or snowy icy weather, it is usually in the period at the end of December through January and February. And I do not like that type of weather!

  84. I like the “getting back to normal” phase afterwards. However, I do get the blues. What I do like is my Birthday is 2 weeks after!

  85. I like the sales but I usually do not have any money left over to rack up on them. Thank you

  86. I’m a crafter and usually am worn out after the holidays. so I love getting a break before the next holiday hits..

  87. I like that the days are getting longer again and I have more time to play winter sports.

  88. I hate that people return to their selfish ways-dog eat dog. Hey that’s not different I almost got mowed them several times by people rushing into the parking lot. This was several weeks before Christmas. Tis the season to be jolly with your family and friends. To hell with everyone else. Kind and generous people are hard to find even if you are not asking for anything.

  89. I like the winter for reading especially after the holidays because there is so much darkness, I need to consume my mind with some inspiration.

  90. Man this year I really lucked on post holiday’s sales and have most all my gifts for the upcoming 2018 holiday season.

  91. What I like least about the post-holiday season is all the decorations and i have lots of them to put up and pull down after.

  92. I like the fact that I do not have to keep my house so neat after the holidays to impress everyone.

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