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Welcome to the Back to School Giveaway Hop, hosted by Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place!

This is the second blog hop this month with a “back to school” theme – so it must be that time again!

What’s the best thing you remember about going back to school? Or the worst? I never was a morning person, so on breaks I would sleep late and then stay up late. I always had another book to read. My mother always swore that someday that would change, but it hasn’t happened yet!

I loved learning new things but hated being told that I HAD to read something. So I read a lot, but usually the “wrong” things. Or at least books not assigned. Some things don’t seem to change!

Tell us what your favorite, or least favorite thing is/was about going back to school for a chance at your choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository!

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145 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway Hop

  1. I loved picking out my outfit for the very first day of school and the excitement I felt!

  2. I always enjoyed shopping for school supplies. Especially blank notebooks that were waiting to be written in!

  3. I love getting the new notebooks for the school year, all perfect looking before I started writing all over them πŸ˜›

  4. I remember being so excited about getting new school supplies and new clothes. It was always so fun!

  5. One of the best things about going back to school was going shopping for all new school clothes as well as catching up with friends I hadn’t seen during the summer.

  6. Going back to school after a summer off and going away to camp meant a difficult adjustment, especially when there were certain subjects which I could not ever accept.

  7. Having nice teachers. Not friends, or classmates or experiences. Having nice and understanding teachers.

  8. I don’t see my comment so I’m going to leave another. The best thing about going back to school was getting new clothes & supplies. As well as catching up with friends I hadn’t seen during the summer.

  9. The best thing I remember about going back to school is buying new stationary πŸ™‚

  10. I remember being introduced to picture books. I was in awe. My love for books began in Grade 1.

  11. I used to love going back to school and seeing all my friends again. We were bused from all over town, so we didn’t see each other during the summer; the first day of school was a really happy reunion.

  12. Seeing my friends that I had not seen all summer was the best thing about going back to school for me.

  13. The best thing was getting all the new school supplies. I still always love getting a new notebook (even when I don’t need one). It’s a magical feeling.

  14. My best back to school memories is when I got to see my friends for the first time after summer vacation.

  15. I remember the new clothes and the smell of the new peechee folder. That’s dating myself.

  16. What’s the best thing you remember about going back to school?

    getting up early

  17. My birthday always fell around when school started again. So that was always the best part.

  18. the best thing about going back to school was seeing my friends I missed over the summer vacation

  19. Believe it or not, it was being able to eat the school lunch. After a summer of lunch meat sandwiches, I was ready for some good school pizza, sloppy joes and the great desserts our lunch lady made!

  20. I loved having new pencils and new notebooks. I loved school so it was the best time of year for me.

  21. The best thing I remember about going back to school was knowing I was going to be earning a college degree that I paid for all by myself, as I worked three jobs all through college to pay for that bachelor’s degree πŸ™‚

  22. The best thing I remember about going back to school was getting new things like supplies and clothes.

  23. I always loved getting to see all my friends again!
    Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  24. I remember how much fun it was shopping for new clothes and shoes for back to school.

  25. My favorite thing about school starting back as a kid was getting to see friends again that I didn’t get to see much during the summer. Also writing notes during class and passing them in the hallway between classes.

  26. My mom used to fix me a special breakfast on the first day of school and I usually got some kind of happy too. It made the first day exiting

  27. The best thing I can remember about school was my closest friends. If it wasn’t for them being around it would have been so much harder!

  28. Back to school shopping for supplies was what I remember the most, because it was my favorite thing to do!

  29. I think the best thing about a new school year is the opportunity to learn something new and then returning to school was also to be able to see friends that perhaps you might not have seen over the summer.

  30. I think the best part was seeing my friends again. Usually never saw them during the summer.

  31. Favorite thing about back to school is catching up with all my friends about what we’ve done over the break!

  32. The best thing I remember about going back to school was picking out my Trapper Keeper binder plus all the other school supplies.

  33. Seeing my friends and couldn’t wait for science and home ec! My favorite classes

  34. I always loved getting new school supplies. The smell of a new binder was (and still is) my favorite!

  35. I loved seeing all my friends when we started back to school. We lived in a rural area, so I didn’t see most of them all summer.

  36. I remember being anxious to see friends I hadn’t had a chance to see all summer.

  37. I used to love going with my mom to pick out my shoes and school supplies every year then it was awesome seeing all my friends again!

  38. I remember being excited to go back to school to see the friends that I hadn’t seen over the summer months. And also, to show off my new clothes… XD

  39. I was always happy to go see all my friends I didn’t get to see all summer and meet the teachers and find out what is going on.

  40. I used to love picking out new outfits for back to school and organizing my new school supplies.

  41. I liked all the new school supplies and the anticipation of what teacher I would get.

  42. I remember wanting to shop for clothes when school started which was a bit crazy because we wore uniforms

  43. I hated the first day, because of nerves, but I always looked forward to seeing my friends.

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